Lady Rose Academy

Taking You to Another Level

Arts & Crafts                                 Classes

Painting Class for Beginners

Pottery Class 

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Communication Certificate Courses

Public Speaking Course $160.00 - Registration is now open. Register Now!

Performing Arts                             Available Classes


 African Dance (Adults) - $25.00

 Ballet for Beginners; Ballet II; Ballet III  - $45.00               

 Jazz Dance - $45.00                            

 Hip Hop Dance - $45.00

 Ballroom Dance

 Vocal Lessons

 Piano I; Piano II; Piano III

 Guitar for Beginners; Intermediate Guitar

 Adult Acting 

 Youth Acting

 Professional Talent Management - 10 months - $5,600

Personal Finance                         Available workshops


Secrets of the 700 Club - Credit Repair 101

How to Create a Budget

Professional Coupon Spending

Homebuyer Education Workshop

Car Shopping 101 - FREE CLASS!

The Basics of Group Economics - FREE CLASS!

Life Insurance, Wills, & Final Expenses - FREE CLASS!


Small Business Certificate courses & Workshops                         


Business Plan Writing

Business Etiquette Workshop

Business Administration

Business Management